We understand leadership as a strategic undertaking within a professional context.

Systemically trained managers think holistically, are aware of the complex interdependencies within an organization and perform effective interventions in management dialogue. This requires the ability to lead divisions, teams and individual employees in a goal- and results-oriented manner, to intensify their desire for personal responsibility and motivation, and to support them in an inspiring and supportive manner. Through coherent values, goals and language, leadership shapes organizational performance effectively and sustainably.

Our programs are aimed at companies which want to systematically improve their leadership skills, as well as at individuals who want to develop their personal leadership skills. The specific contents of each program are individually conceived and designed for every company.

House of Leadership

The individual is at the centre of all management programs, namely his or her personality, brought into connection with his or her role within the system. The joint development of the group brings with it new impulses from the outside and harbors potential for exciting discussions.

leading self

Understanding and leading oneself: knowing and developing one’s own behavioral patterns and strengths, setting goals and priorities, as well as giving and receiving feedback.

leading others

Understanding and enabling people: Recognizing & developing their potential, building trust and conducting leadership dialogues appreciatively.

leading teams

Understanding and leading teams: Managing team members’ interactions and performances, developing a meaningful vision, using diversity and complementary strengths productively.

leading systems

Understanding systems and handling complexity: Deciding under pressure and in the event of uncertainty, planning and guiding innovative processes, skillfully dealing with paradoxes and conflicting goals.