About us

Our consulting is based on the understanding that an organization functions as a learning, intelligent organism. We feel that only networked, systematic thinking can do justice to the complexity of transformation processes.

We appreciate the autonomy of our clients and dedicate ourselves to each consulting project anew. Using the principle of dual control and systematic self-reflection, we design diagnostically sound, distinctive and in-depth consulting processes.

We advise small and large projects and companies alike. Whether a single workshop day or an annual program – we have a lot of experience in adapting to the specific needs and capacities of your company.

What does systemic mean?

In its essence, we interpret ‘systemic thinking’ as holistic, networked thinking within larger contexts. A change of perspective takes the focus away from the individual problems and instead shifts the attention to the complex interactions within the company realm. We therefore do not provide ready-made answers, but see our customers as experts of their own company and support them in finding blind spots and exploring possible solutions.